57 Camaro


1957 Camaro Project  Keyless Entry / Shaved Door Handles

Once the various problems were sorted out on Camaro I began to prepare it for the kit conversion.  Having already decided to not have exterior door handles I installed at shaved door handle kit.  The kit included a 5 channel keyless entry module.  I chose the channels to be:

  1. 1.    Unlock Doors

  2. 2.    Lock Doors

  3. 3.    Open Drivers Door

  4. 4.    Open Passenger Door

  5. 5.    Open Trunk

Since this 1995 Camaro Z28 came with factory keyless entry I had to remove it and tie in to the wiring already in place.  Besides the keyless entry module I needed 5 relays to get the functions to work the way I desired.  The factory module is located behind the passenger kick panel.  Since I had a lot of work to do in that area I chose to remove the glove box and a couple other trim panels. 
As can be seen in the photo a jumble of wires were needed to be installed and connected to various circuits in the car.

After removing the interior door panels and raising the windows I was able to install the solenoids that pull the door latch open. 
I disconnected the exterior door handle rod and removed it.  A custom bent rod went in its place to connect to the solenoid.  The door unlatch reliability but did not open if the car was on a slight hill.  To solve this I installed a spring loaded door popper.  Finding a place to install it was a challenge because the body is doubled walled at the jamb.  The problem was solved by drilling from both sides to provide clearance for the popper.

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